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Harrison's Heroes works with Child Life departments in various hospitals. These Child Life departments consist of pediatric healthcare professionals who work with children and families in hospitals and other settings to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness and disability.

Children's Memorial Hermann

Harrison’s Heroes enjoys throwing parties for the children at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.  We have hosted several parties since 2016. 


Harrison’s Heroes has brought to CMHH a Scrapbooking Cart. This cart will be used for patients that have had head trauma to help them regain their memory. It will also be used for terminal patients to leave behind their legacy.  


Also in 2021 we brought a teddy bear that hides the IV bag for children.  It’s called the Medi Teddy. These bears make children’s treatments more bearable. 


MD Anderson Hospital

​Harrison’s Heroes provides socks and hats to the cancer patients at MD Anderson. These are not just any socks, but animal-themed, as well as inspirational. The hats are animals, such as penguins and puppies.  The socks and hats that are provided are necessary to keep the patients warm while in the hospital undergoing treatments. In addition,  we provide and serve lunch to the campers at their annual Camp For All 2U.


Harrison's Heroes along with Baker McKenzie gave "Band-aid Books" to the hospital. These books allow children that are receiving a shot or other procedures, that require a band-aid, to choose from over 80 different fun band-aids, therefore helping to reduce their stress level. Ten band-aid books were also given to Children's Memorial Hermann.

We are also happy to bring to MD Anderson Playtime Bed Sheets to every child’s bed in the hospital.  These sheets have over 60 interactive fun games on them.  Patients will use washable markers, which we provide, to write on the sheets.

Texas Children's Hospital

Over the past 4 years Harrison’s Heroes has provided thousands of  patients at Texas Children’s Hospital with goodie bags filled with all kinds of toys and projects to do on Thanksgiving Day. Hospitals are not a fun place to be, especially on holidays, so Harrison’s Heroes wanted to brighten some faces that day. 

Harrison's Heroes has an Art Studio and six mobile art carts allowing patients another avenue to express themselves.

Shriners Hospital For Children

Harrison’s Heroes is committed to continue providing supplies such as socks, blankets and toys to the patients at Shriners even though they will be located in Galveston.  We look forward to continue to support their programs.

In early 2021, the Harrison’s Heroes Treatment Room relocated to Galveston.  This treatment room is used for kids who have to undergo IV starts, casting, lumbar punctures and other invasive procedures.

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